Plaque-X IV Therapy

Recommended as a treatment for heart disease and other cardiology related problems.

What is Plaque-X?

Plaque-X is a mixture of essential phospholipids made from soy beans that has the remarkable ability to reduce plaque deposition on the artery wall. It also lowers blood cholesterol and homocysteine levels. The end result is a marked improvement in cardiac function. It is a valuable treatment for those whom have suffered with a heart attack or other heart related conditions, disease or injury.

Plaque-X IV Therapy Can Help with the Following Conditions:

  • Angina
  • Damaged heart muscle
  • Decreased memory and mental functions
  • Heart Disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High Homocysteine levels
  • High LDL (bad) Cholesterol
  • Impaired kidney function
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • Sexual dysfunction