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We’re more than just an “IV Bar” — much more.

Sunshine IV Clinic is a full-service Naturopathic Medical Clinic located in Peoria, AZ that specializes in many safe, effective and proven IV Protocols for the treatment of a wide range of chronic and acute conditions. We administer IV therapy as either a standalone treatment for hydration and nutritional support for pre-surgery and post-op recovery, heavy metal toxicity and other uses, or as an adjunctive part of an integrated treatment plan for such issues as cardiovascular health, injury recovery, Lyme Disease, diabetes and more.

Our goal is to ensure that every IV Treatment we recommend to our patients will affect a positive cellular change and will not cause a negative cellular milieu. We achieve this through exacting preparatory standards, thorough medical intakes, precise lab testing, and ensuring that each administration is Biochemically Individualized to your specific physiology. Our resident IV Therapy expert, Dr. Tiffany Mitchell, NMD, has extensive training and experience in the recommendation, preparation and administration of IV Therapy.

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IV Therapy Can Be Used to Treat a Wide Range of Conditions & Injuries

Chelation Therapy

Chelation Helps remove heavy metals and toxic chemicals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and aluminum from the body.

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Ozone (Oxidative) IV Therapy

Ozone Therapy really is the closest thing to a “do-it-all” treatment, and we’ve had an impressive track record using this protocol.

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High Dose Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps boost the immune system and helps protect a wide range of diseases.

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Myers’ Cocktail Nutritional IV

Helps your body to better absorb the supplied vitamins, minerals, and nutrients versus oral supplementation.

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Trace Mineral IV

An excellent way to speed healing after surgery or physical trauma by enhancing your body’s own healing powers.

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Nutrient Push IV

Nutritional IV Therapies help your body receive fully what it can not completely receive from oral supplementation or food alone.

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Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is more than just a topical antiseptic as it treats a variety of illness, toxicities, and chronic diseases.

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Glutathione Intravenous Push

Glutathione is a workhorse in our body’s repair systems and is extremely important in many of our cellular functions.

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Plaque-X IV Therapy

Recommended as a treatment for heart disease and other cardiology related problems.

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Sunshine Health Care Center

The Sunshine Health Care Center family is a valuable resource and trusted member of the Glendale, Peoria, Surprise and West Valley community. We consider it a privilege and a blessing to be an integral part of our patients’ wellness goals. We invite you to see for yourself what a difference Naturally Inspired Medicine can make in your life.

Sunshine Health Care Center provides more options to treat the whole you. We offer an array of effective Naturopathic Health Care Services that are designed with an eye toward your long-term health.

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We are conveniently located a mile west of Hwy. 101 off of Thunderbird in Peoria, AZ, and we have ample parking and easy access..